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Welcome to the website of Alfred Heath, MA, LPC: healing arts practitioner, guide, trainer, and developer

Within each of us lie the power, skill, and love to heal our hearts and relationships, mend our bodies, and discover and commune with the Divinity within and beyond us. My mission is to guide, teach, train, and finally coach you to maximize your own healing potential, whatever the problem.



Life is full of challenges.  These challenges come in many forms: the situations we come with, are born into, or encounter along life's journey; gains, opportunities, and gifts on the one side; disadvantages, losses, traumatic events, and other limitations on the other.  We carry the memory of all we have experienced in our subconscious minds (the cells of our bodies and patterns of our life force), and those memories are reflected in our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, and how we percieve and then react or respond to life as it shows up.  

When memories are painful or limiting, we carry painful  and limiting emotions and beliefs that distort our vision of the present and future. These unfortunate states of mind infiltrate our worldview, relationships, and bodies, diminishing our ability to live full lives of meaning, joy, and positive connection with others.  

In order to free ourselves to access our inner resources of courage, compassion, intelligence, creativity, joy, humor, and enlightenment with which we can embrace the present moment and create new opportunities for living fully, we often need help to eliminate the detrimental effects of the troubled legacy of parts of our personal history. 

Both physical and emotional healing are powerfully facilitated when we do two things: 1. resolve the psychological factors either causing disorder or prohibiting return to order within us; and 2. support the natural energetic healing process through entraining the energy patterns associated with a disordered mindbody to the coherent patterns representing optimum health.

The services I offer on this site are your keys to transforming your life situation from the inside out. I can't guarantee what kind of life you will create, but I do promise to give you help and reliable tools with which to remove inner limitations to that transformation. 

You are created to learn, heal, grow, solve problems, perform with excellence, and find and nurture loving connection, express productivity and creativity, and experience your natural relationship with the Universe, Divinity, the Absolute. 

With an open enough heart and mind, your journey will begin wherever you find yourself in this very moment. The assistance and tools available here will lead you to higher ground; whatever unique combination of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing and well being unfolds. 

There is no magic here. The techniques I use and teach are simply applications of natural capacities and abilities you may only have been vaguely aware of, if at all. Or perhaps all inner transformation is the very definition of magic. You get to decide that for yourself. 

You got here. The next step is to read the disclaimer so you understand my role in your journey should you invite my assistance. Then browse around. If you have questions before you decide whether to undertake any services, get in touch. You are in control. 

Enjoy the tour! 



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